We are so excited for Isaac Medina and his family in purchasing their new home in Magna! Their home was built by CDCU and Isaac was able to purchase it using our down payment assistance program, homebuyer counseling, HomeFit mortgage, HomeFit saver, and our brokerage services.

"Veni, Vidi, Vici" Julius Caesar... I just received the keys 🔑 and closed on my first home 😎!"

Read some of Isaac's story below:

"I am the youngest of 5, I am part Samoan and part Mexican. My parents are both from their native countries with not much more than a middle school education. They could not provide much but they did provide me with the opportunity of being born in; California, USA. For this I am forever grateful. I spent most of my years living in Moreno Valley ages 4 to 15. My mom would leave our family in order to have another life. 

As time went on my older siblings, one at a time would find somewhere else to call home. So, I would try my best to hold down the fort and continue carrying on. 8th grade well, my pops would finally have his last relapse as he would periodically have, mental breakdowns but that year was different. In the past he would always come back home and recover. Well that time would be the last time I could call any room my room or any home, my home!

I walked on the 215 Freeway from W Linden St, Riverside, California 92507, to 13874 McDonnell St, Moreno Valley, CA 92553 which was over 10 miles across the freeway I had the brilliant idea of walking to “Aunties” home. knocking on the door of one of my childhood best friends I call family. There when I was 13 and after I walked that freeway to tell my friends mom who we called Auntie "hey by the way can I live with you and finish 8th grade"? "I know you probably barely have enough food for your kids to eat but I am at your doorstep and I have no idea where my parents are". Well without even batting an eye “Auntie” graciously took me in. Yes, too many blessings to count.

Anyway, I would go on to completely blow my knee out after high school, which would trigger other not so great life events. Those events however would lead me to my current glorious life in Utah. Well now with this new home I hope I can give to my kid something that was taken from me. A normal childhood. A home that my daughter can call her own. Someone once told me bad experiences make for good stories or maybe I heard that on the radio not sure? Either way at the very least I believe a bad childhood makes for interesting people. For this; is why I quote Julius Caesar “I came, I saw, and I conquered”."

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