Your journey to financial stability starts right here! CDCU is excited to be your partner and advocate to help you achieve your immediate and longer-term financial goals.

A path toward financial stability

Feeling like you are financially stable, on a budget, building credit and perhaps even saving some money helps to alleviate stress and worry. CDCU has designed an education and counseling program to help you become more financially secure and achieve your long-term goals.

Our FREE SmartStart financial coaching program will assist you with the following:

  • Creating a personalized budget
  • Setting realistic and achievable financial goals
  • Improving your credit score
  • Managing your debt
  • Helping you build your path to financial success!

SmartStart is designed to be a 4-step program:

  1. Budget class (1hr 15mins)
  2. Credit class (1hr 15mins)
  3. 1-on-1 coaching session #1 (45mins)
  4. 1-on-1 coaching session #2 (45mins)

Each participant receives a workbook to use through the program to capture goal setting, learning, reporting and tools that can be used a long time after the program ends!

You can also just request a request a FREE 1-on-1 coaching session with one of our HUD certified counsellors, separate or in addition to attending our classes. Get started by filling out this simple questionnaire...


Our next classes will start in May 2024 and we will shortly post details and registration links. In the meantime, please fill out this brief form to receive direct updates when new class dates are announced, or if you have any questions about the SmartStart program in general.

Se habla español, se fala Português; interpretation services are available upon request.

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