Mortgage Assistance Program

Still looking for financial mortgage assistance? You may be able to apply to the Utah Homeowner Assistance fund (UHAF):

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Must have experienced a documented financial hardship associated with COVID-19 after January 21, 2020
  • Must own and occupy the property as their primary residence for which they are applying for assistance, located in Utah
  • Households that are categorized as a Priority Population, as outlined in the UHAF Policy
  • Households that are NOT currently participating in the Emergency Rental Assistance Program or any other rental assistance program administered by a local housing authority, municipality, or other agency
  • Have a mortgage delinquency of 30 days or more, or have a Partial Claim/Deferred balance that occurred after January 21, 2023

Please visit the Utah Homeowners Assistance Fund page to apply and for further details.


Would you like further assistance and counseling to avoid foreclosure?

If you don’t meet the requirements of the Utah Homeowners Assistance Fund program to receive financial mortgage assistance, I would contact an agency listed on the Statewide FC Counseling document to receive foreclosure prevention/avoidance counseling. They should be able to help you understand your situation, explain any workout solutions that may be available to you, and help you apply for a loan modification if you desire. 

Statewide Foreclosure Prevention/Avoidance Counseling

Do you need to improve your skills while looking for better employment opportunities?

The Learn & Work program at SLCC is an outstanding opportunity for unemployed, underemployed, and vulnerable workers who had their employment effected by COVID 19 to learn skills through affordable and flexible short-term noncredit programs designed to connect them with a rewarding career. Salt Lake Community College is one of 14 Utah institutions currently offering tuition-free and low-cost affordable skills-based courses for Utah residents. Generally speaking, any Utah resident 18 years and older with a high school diploma or GED is eligible to apply for the SLCC Learn & Work Program. At SLCC, Learn & Work is a stand-alone program that is not part of the regular college admissions process, and there are no income eligibility requirements to receive this special grant. 

Learn & Work SLCC