Rental assistance

While CDCU does not currently provide direct rental assistance, please click here to see other organizations and resources that may of help.

Mortgage Assistance

Utah Homeowner Assistance Fund (UHAF)

The UHAF program is a federally funded housing assistance program for homeowners in Utah who have struggled to remain current with payments due to financial hardships resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funds may be used to bring accounts fully current, with no remaining delinquent amounts, and to repay amounts advanced by the lender or servicer on the borrower’s behalf for property charges.

To be eligible for the UHAF Program, applicants:

  • Must have experienced a documented financial hardship associated with COVID-19 after January 21, 2020
  • Have household income equal to, or less than, 150% of the county area median income (AMI) in which the household resides or 100% of AMI for the US, whichever is greater. Click here for more information on AMI.
  • Must own and occupy the property as their primary residence for which they are applying for assistance, located in Utah
    • Meet criteria to be categorized as a Priority Population, as outlined in the UHAF Policy
    • Must NOT have received monetary assistance from the Emergency Rental Assistance program.
    • Have a mortgage delinquency of 30 days or more, or have a Partial Claim/Deferred balance that occurred after January 21, 2020


(It may take 6-8 weeks to fully process an application)

  • Submit a full online application
  • CDCU Intake Specialist to contact applicant to collect any missing information or documentation and obtain further clarification) if necessary
  • Once processing is completed, application moves to underwriting review for final eligibility determination
  • Upon preliminary approval, a mandatory 1-on-1 counseling session must be completed with a CDCU counselor before funding
  • Upon final approval, a CDCU Processor will gather most recent information from your mortgage company, housing association, HOA or other relevant entity directly to settle the outstanding balances and bring applicant fully current
  • Once payment is made, applicants will receive a final grant award letter from the CDCU Underwriter. IMPORTANT - applicants to continue making monthly payments thereafter to remain current

Please visit the Homeowners Assistance page for further details and to apply

Other Mortgage Assistance

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for the UHAF program, we may have other mortgage assistance resources available. Funding availability and eligibility is dependent on the state, county and/or local grant programs that are active or pending at a particular point in time, and we welcome the opportunity to assist you if we can.

You can fill out this simple contact form to be notified if/when CDCU mortgage assistance resources become available for which you may be eligible or so our team can assess other potential resource assistance.


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