Down Payment Assistance

CDCU administers Down Payment Assistance (DPA) funds on behalf of
Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City and Taylorsville.


**2018-2019 Change** Down Payment Assistance (DPA) funds are NOT available in Sandy, South Jordan, West Jordan, and West Valley City. Please check directly with these municipalities for additional information. 


The down payment assistance (DPA) is awarded as deferred loans with no payments and no interest that are forgivable after a period of time. There are a limited number of DPA available each year and qualified applicants will receive their financial award on a first come, first qualified basis-no waiting list, no funds reserved.

See below for availability of funds. This page is updated once funds become available, so check back often.


No Available Funds0%

Salt Lake County

No Funds Available

Eligible Cities- Property must be within the boundaries of: Alta, Bluffdale, Cottonwood Heights, Draper, Herriman, Holladay, Midvale, Millcreek, Murray, Riverton, South Salt Lake, the 5 Metro Townships of Copperton, Emigration Canyon, Kearns, Magna, White City and the balance of the Unincorporated County, according to the Salt Lake County Assessor

No Available Funds0%

Taylorsville City

No Funds Available

Property must be within Taylorsville City boundaries according to the Salt Lake County Assessor

No Available Funds0%

Salt Lake City

No Funds Available

Property must be within Salt Lake City boundaries according to the Salt Lake County Assessor

Available Funds0%

Community Heroes

Funds Available

Property must be within Salt Lake City boundaries according to the Salt Lake County Assessor. 

To apply please submit both the Community Heroes DPA Application Disclosure and the regular DPA Application. If only applying to Community Heroes Program you may skip pages 11-12 in the regular DPA Application.

Even though the new fiscal year starts in July, we typically do not receive funds for these programs until the fall. While you are waiting here are some top tips to prepare yourself for the coming year:

  1. Sign up for our newsletter. We will send out an email when we do have the funds and are ready to take applications again. Also check back with our website periodically. This is the first place that we will show any updates.
  2. If you are looking to apply to a down payment assistance program, you need to determine what area/cities you want to purchase in. This will help you determine what program you should apply for. Once you have it narrowed down, please review the guidelines of each program (e.g. when you can submit your application and what types of education they approve). You can find information about different down payment assistance programs here. 
  3. If you are applying for assistance, take a  HUD-approved Home Buyer Education Class. You can find information about classes here. 

Property Address Search

If you are unsure whether or not the property you are considering is in an eligible area you may use the link below to look up the address.  After clicking on the address search link you will need to enter the street address in the parcel search box. You may need to move the parcel search box to zoom in & out on the map to make the city boundaries visible.

Summary of DPA Programs in Utah

Click below to download a list of DPA programs throughout Utah. All information may not be current & is subject to change at any time.


**2018-2019 Change** Down Payment Assistance (DPA) funds are NOT available in Sandy, South Jordan, West Jordan, and West Valley City. (Please check directly with these municipalities for additional information)


DPA’s are federally funded deferred loans with no payments and no interest that are forgivable after a period of time.  that can be applied towards the down payment and/or closing costs of a purchase transaction. Buyer cannot receive cash back at closing.


Applicant(s) must be a first-time Homebuyer. In general, a first-time Homebuyer is defined as someone who has not owned a property for three years prior to the home purchase.


Applicant(s) must be income eligible at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). Entire household income cannot exceed the current HUD limits adjusted per household size on the table to the right.


Household income includes income received by all members of the household who will be living in the home to be purchased.


Property must be within eligible program boundaries (see eligible boundaries)


Applicant(s) must be under contract (have an accepted offer) to purchase a property at the time of submitting a DPA application.


Purchase property must be owner occupied. If purchase property is renter/tenant occupied by any person with a binding lease agreement within the last 90 days, DPA funds cannot be provided.


Total debt/Debt-to-Income ratio cannot exceed 45% of the household monthly gross income.

Borrower Contribution required (see required funds)


Eligible applicant(s) will receive their financial award on a first-come, first-qualified basis.


Processing Time 25-30 business days (see process timeline)



Please send complete applications to


FAX: 801-994-7220 Attn: DPA Dept.

ADDRESS: 501 E. 1700 S. SLC UT, 84105

Above figures are effective as of April 2018 (These limits change annually and are published by HUD). We use current income projected out for 12 months.

Terms of Assistance Provided



The DPA program fiscal year begins July 1 each year. Funds are processed and given on a first come, first qualified basis and/or until depletion of funds.

The funding year ends on June 30, each year, and all loans must have closed by that date or they will not be eligible for funds. No applications will be accepted after June 10, of each year in order to meet this deadline.

There is a limited amount of DPA funds available each fiscal year. CDCU and/or municipal entity reserves the right to expand or terminate the program as funds permit. CDCU and/or the municipal entity may also set aside a portion of the funds for special projects in accordance with federal and local guidelines.



All applicants must meet income guidelines, debt ratio requirements, and cannot have owned a home within the last three (3) years unless he/she has been displaced. (See program disclosure statement application form)

Applicant(s) must be under contract (have an accepted offer) to purchase a property at the time of submitting an application.


Non-occupant co-signers on the first mortgage are allowed. Income from non-occupant co-signers will not be taken into consideration when determining eligibility based on household income and applicant total debt ratio.



Only owner-occupied units located within program boundaries are eligible for consideration. Existing and new single-family homes, condominiums and townhomes are permitted.  Duplexes, multi-family units and mobile or manufactured homes are not permitted.

The purchase property must not lead to the displacement of any individual other than the seller and their immediate family. If purchase property is renter/tenant occupied by any person with a binding lease agreement, DPA funds cannot be provided.

Purchased property must be zoned for residential use only, unless it can be established that said property is in an area that has been predominately residential for many years and there is no government program endangering the residential integrity of the area.



Types of acceptable financing are fixed rate loans such as FHA, Conventional, and VA.



It is the applicant’s responsibility to check the precise location area of the purchase property address on the Salt Lake County Assessor website to ensure it is within the respective program boundaries.




Income for all household members will be included in the total household income calculation.

Possible sources and proof of income include, but are not limited to: pay stubs, SSI/SSA award letter, profit & loss statement (if self-employed), etc.

Household must be income eligible at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and meet HUD income limits which are updated annually.

Buyer cannot have more than 10% of the purchase price in personal checking/savings funds. Excess liquidity will disqualify the buyer.

Total combined down payment from all sources (including DPA funds, seller paid costs, gift funds and any other assistance program) cannot exceed 10% of the purchase price.



Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City & Taylorsville programs require the buyer to contribute 1% of the contract sales price in personal funds towards the purchase.



The applicant, and co-applicant (if applicable) must own and occupy the property as the primary residence and are subject to an annual affidavit stating they still remain in the home.



There is no minimum FICO credit score requirement to participate in the DPA program. The credit report submitted with the application will be used to verify the applicant’s debt ratios.



Total debt/Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio cannot exceed 45% of the household monthly gross income.

Housing Ratio (Front End) there is no established requirement. However, lower ratios will favor the buyer for underwriting purposes. Housing debt or “PITI”- includes principle, interest, taxes, insurance, and HOA fees of the new home loan.



For purchase transactions DPA can be recorded in 3rd position behind superior liens such as a Community Second loan or a Utah Housing loan that benefits the buyer.



It is CDCU’s policy that all aspects of this program shall be conducted without regard to race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, age, source of income, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity. CDCU adheres to all State and Federal Fair Housing and Civil Rights laws, including the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and encourages minorities, women, and people with disabilities to seek funding.



All applicants must submit a fully completed application with the household’s most current information and with copies of all the documents listed on the “New Application Checklist.” Applications submitted with any missing information or documentation will not be accepted and/or denied. Once complete information has been submitted, CDCU will evaluate eligibility and contact the applicant if additional information is needed. After the application is processed, a final review will be conducted by the CDCU DPA committee to determine approval or denial. Notification of the CDCU DPA committee’s review results will be disclosed within 5 business days.



The applicant must attend a HUD-approved homebuyer education class and submit a completion certificate from one of the approved course providers:

  • CDCU: (801)-994-7222
  • Online: (Framework)
  • Neighborworks: (801)-539-1590
  • AAA Fair Credit Foundation 1-800-351-4195
  • USU Extension (801)-477-7391


Before issuing a DPA, an inspector will be in contact with the real estate agent or owner to perform a visual assessment of the property.  The inspector will check for the presence of health and safety concerns, including testing for lead-based paint dangers in homes built prior to 1978 as required by federal guidelines (HUD: 24 CFR Part 35 subpart K). A report will be provided with the results and will indicate if there is any remediation required. The current assessment fee is $75.00. This fee along with any other fee associated with the down payment assistance transaction will be taken from the award amount at closing. Please be aware that current regulation states that homes being purchased using federal funding must have a smoke detector in all bedrooms and common areas of the home and carbon monoxide detectors on every level of the home.

**Radon Testing is offered only to Salt Lake City DPA program applicants. (See visual assessment)



25-30 days (We are unable to process rushes)


  1. Application Eligibility & Underwriting Review: Results response provided within 5 business days
  2. Environmental Report: Once CDCU has qualified the applicant, CDCU will request and obtain environmental clearance from participating municipality (Up to 1 week to complete)
  3. Letter of Commitment & Lead Based Paint form: CDCU must receive environmental clearance first to send this letter (1-2 business days to complete)
  4. Visual Assessment: CDCU will order the visual assessment through a contract company. Disbursement of funds is contingent upon the property passing the visual assessment inspection. (1-2 weeks to complete)*Please note that smoke detectors must be installed on every floor and in each bedroom.*Radon Gas Test: (offered by Salt Lake City only)If Applicant(s) agree to have the free radon gas testing done, CDCU’s assigned agent will perform a radon gas test to identify the level of radon gas present in the property. Applicant(s) will be strongly encouraged to mitigate any test levels that are above 4.0pCi/L. This applies to all housing types (single family, townhome, condominium, etc.)If the radon test results are over 4.0pCi/L, mitigation is not required. The applicant(s) may proceed with the transaction and receive down payment assistance. If the applicant(s) choses to mitigate, the cost of radon gas mitigation will be the responsibility of the seller and/or buyer.
  5. Due Diligence: CDCU needs to review the appraisal report, title report, lender affidavit as well as the evidence of homeowner’s insurance reflecting CDCU as additional insured. (1-2 business days to complete)Please note: CDCU must remain an additional insured on the homeowner’s insurance until the deferred loan is paid in full.

6. Review Closing Disclosure (CD): CDCU must receive a copy of the CD 3 days prior to closing for review and approval of program compliance requirements. CDCU needs adequate time to complete the DPA closing packet. (This includes a recorded trust deed, notice of default, and promissory note). We ensure all items are reflected correctly and must sign off of the CD in order to release funds. (3 business days).

7. Settlement: Once all items have been satisfied, CDCU will wire transfer the DPA award amount minus the $75.00 visual inspection fee and applicable wire fee. (3 business days to complete)



  1. Original Promissory Note
  2. Original & Copy of Recorded Trust Deed
  3. Original & Copy of Recorded Request for Notice of Default
  4. Original Signed Visual Assessment Disclaimer
  5. Copy of the buyer signed Closing Disclosures
  6. Certified copies of 1st Mortgage Note, Deed of Trust, First Payment Letter and Warranty Deed
  7. Copy of the Final Title Policy or Title Insurance Policy issued to Lender



If you have any questions or concerns regarding the different DPA programs or the application process please contact our office (801)-994-7222 TY711 or email us at Se habla español, se fala Português; interpretation services are available upon request.

To request a payoff/subordination of a previous DPA lien click here: