Family Keeps Heirloom Home Thanks to HomeFit Mortgage

Family Keeps Heirloom Home Thanks to HomeFit Mortgage

Fcarteror Laura Carter, buying her home was much more than just a financial decision. This was the house she had grown up in—it belonged to her grandmother before she passed on, and it’s where Laura had been making memories since she was a little girl. But making sure this home stayed in the family would require some home buyer expertise, so she and her husband Ryan turned to CDCU to guide them to successful homeownership.

Laura and Ryan  had been living in the home for the past few years, along with their two children, Megan, 4, and Jeffrey, 1. The home was given to a family trust when Laura’s grandmother passed on, and while other family members moved on, she and Ryan stayed. They helped with the daily upkeep of the home, but when they realized the home needed some serious structural repairs, they reached out to Salt Lake City Corporation for some financial guidance. What they got was some bad news: in order to receive help for these and other critically needed improvements, the house needed to be in their name.

Since Laura’s family members were willing to sell the home, buying it was the perfect option for this young family, since it was close to Ryan’s work and school. But neither of them had ever purchased a home before, and they weren’t exactly sure where to start. Salt Lake City Corporation recommended they begin their journey on the pathway to homeownership at Community Development Corporation of Utah, and they soon made an appointment to meet with an advisor.

Their advisor, Luz, was happy to report that things looked great for them: their credit was excellent, and Ryan’s work history made their family a great candidate for a low-interest loan. After seeing their options for mortgage, they decided that a HomeFit mortgage was the best solution for them financially: it offered lower up-front costs and monthly payments, saving them thousands of dollars over the course of just a few years. And after taking CDCU’s home buyer education course, they qualified for down payment assistance, making it much easier for them to settle into their beloved home.

Now that they’ve been able to make headway on the needed repairs, they can say with confidence that CDCU played  a big role in helping them become proud owners of the family home—“We are thankful for all the wonderful people at CDCU who have helped us, and for making our first home purchase a wonderful experience!”


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