Celebrating the Holidays in a CDCU Idea House

Celebrating the Holidays in a CDCU Idea House

Arturo and Natalie Ruvalcaba rented apartments for years and while owning a home seemed appealing, it seemed to be impossible in the near future.  They decided to start looking for a house, spurred by their landlord’s unannounced visits to their apartment.  Natalie and Arturo assumed they would have to save for a while before they could afford a home, but they began the house hunt.

Thanks to Natalie’s employment with Standard Plumbing Supply, the Ruvalcabas were knowledgeable about quality appliances, plumbing, and heating.  This knowledge, however, proved to make their search for the right home a challenge.  They found that many of the houses in their price range were remodeled, but with the cheapest available appliances and materials.  “I can tell if it’s quality or the cheap stuff and we went into so many houses that I immediately knew I wouldn’t be happy with,” said Natalie.

After searching for several months, their real estate agent showed them a home in Kearns that had been remodeled by CDCU as part of the Idea House Program.  The house had been rehabilitated to higher standards of energy efficiency, safety, and health, and Natalie immediately recognized the difference.  The house now has an upgraded electrical system, newly remodeled kitchen and bathrooms, new energy efficient windows, a new air conditioning system,  improved insulation throughout the house, new flooring, and a new energy efficient water heater, as well as other improvements.  The Ruvalcabas made an offer that was accepted.

Natalie and Arturo received $5,000 in down payment assistance toward the purchase of the home and attended CDCU’s homebuyer education class and counseling.  Afterwards, Natalie echoed the sentiments of many CDCU homebuyers, saying, “We wish we would have taken the class earlier.”

As soon as the Ruvalcabas told Arturo’s mom they had purchased a home, she let him know the family would all be visiting their new house for Christmas.  The Ruvalcabas had a fantastic holiday and filled their house with friends and family, building memories in their new home.

CDCU’s Idea House was made possible only through the cooperation of a number of entities.  Thanks to the generous support of GE Capital Bank who provided financing for this Idea House and made it possible for the Ruvalcabas to have a home of their own.   Wells Fargo employee volunteers also contributed to the home, landscaping the front yard and replacing a dilapidated fence.  This CDCU Idea House was completed in partnership with Salt Lake County. rubal

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