CDCU Helps a Young Family Find Their First Home

CDCU Helps a Young Family Find Their First Home

When Brad Davis began his teaching career in 2013, he and his wife Brenda began considering purchasing a home for their family.  They had been living in an apartment above the garage of Brad’s grandparents while he completed his education, but needed more space as their daughter, Emily, was growing into toddler-hood.

Brad and Brenda attended CDCU’s Homebuyer Fair in the summer of 2013 as they began making plans for the future. This first step began a partnership between Brad and Brenda and CDCU that helped guide them along a successful path to homeownership.

When Brad and Brenda started to seriously consider buying a home, they knew they needed to work on building their credit as they had very little credit history established.  After six months of working on their credit, they were pleased to find their credit score and credit history was sufficient to receive a loan.  They had been saving money for a down payment and practicing implementing the budget they would need once they purchased a home.

In April of 2014 they attended a CDCU Homebuyer Education course and worked with a CDCU housing counselor to prepare for a home purchase.  Brenda said, “Homebuyer Education made the whole process seem less scary.  When we started with our agent, we knew what questions to ask.”

They decided to work with a CDCU real estate agent and met with their realtor and housing counselor together to discuss their situation before looking at houses.  Brad and Brenda were concerned that many of the properties in their price range would need a lot of work.  They wanted enough space for their family and the possibility of having Brad teach music lessons out of the house.  After some searching with their realtor for a house that met their needs at an affordable price, they found their future home in Magna that – coincidentally – was a CDCU house!  Brad described their experience as CDCU homebuyers saying, “We were really grateful for the way CDCU worked for us as sellers.  They went above and beyond our requests and added an egress window to the basement so that space is now livable.”

Brad and Brenda Davis planned ahead and made some great decisions in preparing for homeownership, and working with CDCU was one of them.  Preparing for homeownership took a lot of work and time.  As Brad said, “We were really glad we started planning ahead.  It really was a yearlong process.”

The Davis Family moved into their new home at the end of September and they are excited to be homeowners.  They’ve already painted a couple of rooms to make their new house feel more like home and they’re looking forward to many trips to Magna’s beautiful library with Emily.

CDCU offers a variety of services and support for homebuyers and The Davis Family was able to benefit from many of them.  If you or someone you know is considering a home purchase, be it now, or a couple of years down the road, getting in touch with a CDCU housing counselor early on and educating yourself can make a tremendous impact in helping the home purchase process go smoothly and be a great experience.

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