5 Tips and Tricks to Save on Energy this Winter

5 Tips and Tricks to Save on Energy this Winter


Earlier this year, we posted some advice on how to save money during the hot summer months. One of the beautiful things about living in Utah is enjoying all four seasons, and that includes a long and cold winter! Use these tips and tricks to stay warm during the snowy season without breaking the bank.

1. Reverse your ceiling fan, and use it

Many people keep their fans turned off during the winter. However, switching your fan to run counter-clockwise can actually help circulate the warmer air that gets trapped close to the ceiling, increasing the temperature of the room.

2. Insulate your water heater

While many newer water tanks come already insulated, older water tanks that are insulated with a specialized blanket can conserve between 7% and 16% in heating costs. Water heater insulating blanket kits can be found in many hardware stores, and installing one is cheap and easy. Learn more here 

3. Program your thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, setting it to 65-70 degrees while you’re home and 58 degrees while you’re away will save you roughly 10% on heating costs.

4. Change furnace filters

Just like with air conditioning, dirty or old filters cause your heating unit to work harder. Be sure to replace your furnace filters once a month throughout the winter months to maintain optimal efficiency.

5. Use cold water to wash clothes

Using cold water for your laundry has two benefits. First, it saves a great deal on energy—about 75% of the energy required for each load of laundry goes into heating the water. Estimates suggest that using cold water instead of warm or hot water can save you at least $60 alone in utilities a year.

The other major benefit is that using cold water helps your clothes last longer. Be sure to use detergents designed specifically to perform in cold water, and you’re all set. Learn more here


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